Discussion on the clinical use of Shi Zao Tang (Ten Jujubes Decoction)

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Ascites is a common dangerous and lethal complication of the liver cirrhosis. In Chinese Medicine, the ascites due to the liver cirrhosis belongs to Gu Zhang i.e. drum distention, which can be treated by Shi Zao Tang (Ten Jujubes Decoction). Although the Shi Zao Tang with Wan Yua (Flos Genkwa), Gan Sui (Radix Kansui), and Da Ji (Radix Euphorbiae Pekinensis) drastically purging and expel water, the herbs are toxic, which must be restrained by the proper use of Da Zao (Fructus Jujube). Additionally, Gu Zhang is characterized by deficient Ben-root and excess Biao-branch. Therefore, clinical attention should be given to carefully neutralize the toxicity of the three herbs, based on the correct diagnosis of the Ben-root and Biao -branch.

【摘 要】腹水是肝硬化最常见的并发症之一,严重威胁患者的健康和生命。肝硬化腹水属于中医“臌胀”的范畴,可运用十枣汤峻下逐水。但需要注意的是芫花、甘遂、大戟药性峻猛有毒,需合理配伍大枣减轻毒性。此外臌胀属于本虚标实之症,临证需要注意:稳中求效、避免攻邪伤正,用药谨守法度、把握“衰其大半而止”的原则,尊古不泥古、灵活变通、中西医结合,辨证求因、谨守病机、治病求本。

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46949/acm.2020.1.3