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Annals of Chinese Medicine (ACM) is an interdisciplinary multi-lingual  journal focusing on clinical studies and basic researches in the field of Chinese Medicine. It aims to be a leading journal to present research advances and  achievements in this field and to promote the blending among acupuncture, herbal medicine, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and bio-medicine.  Annals of Chinese Medicine covers all aspects of Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine and other forms of CAM approaches, e.g. mind-body medicine, diet, Taichi, Qigong, meditation, as well as their integration with the conventional medicine. 

Article types include, but are not limited to, reviews, research, clinical trials, clinical protocols, case reports, short articles, conference proceedings, and so on.

Annals of Chinese Medicine is published with a hybrid Open Access and traditional publishing method, and  included in the LOCKSS/CLOCKSS archiving of PKP Preservation Network. The editorial board of Annals of Chinese Medicine is committed to publishing high-quality papers on Chinese Medicine an open forum for various disciplines. 

2020 (1) on May 1, 2020
2020 (2) on Nov. 1, 2020

Review Articles (Peer-reviewed)

These describe new developments of significance in the field of Chinese Medicine, and highlight unresolved questions and future directions. Review articles should have an Abstract, an Introduction, and brief main headings. The text should be limited to 6,000 words (including tables, figures and references).

Research Articles (Peer-reviewed)

These are expected to present major advances and important new basic and clinical research results related to Chinese Medicine. Section headings should be: Abstract (Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion), Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conflicts of Interests, Acknowledgments (if applicable), and References. The text should be limited to 5,000 words (including figures and references).

Case Reports (Peer-reviewed)

A typical case report includes the title, abstract, introduction, case description, and the discussion. In some cases, there may also be a conclusion and a patient’s perspective. Read more on how to write a medical case report.

Short Articles 

Short articles e.g. editerialpersitictivecommentarbook review, and opinions are also welcome. The text should be limited to 2,000 words (including figures and references). 

TCM Doctors

TCM Doctors is the special issue of Annals of Chinese Medicine, which covers theory, hypothesis, clinical experiences, etc. Submission to this issue will not be peer reviewed.

Chinese Medicine Publication Index (CMPI) 

CMPI is the unique issues published by Annals of Chinese Medicine to present a index to the published articles on Chinese Medicine. 

Categories in Annals of Chinese Medicine


Basic Research
Clinical Research
Case Reports
Short Articles
TCM Doctors
Chinese Medicine Publication Index (CMPI)
中医年鉴杂志 (中文版)


Honarable Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Miqu Wang (China), Chengdu University of TCM


Dr. Hui Zhang Ph.D (China), Chengdu University of TCM

Associate Editors 

Prof. Xuelei Zhou (China), Sichuan Provincial Hospital of TCM
Dr. Lin Cheng Ph.D (USA), University of Iowa
Dr. Velia Wortmann (Germany), TCM Praxis Nürnberg

Managing Editor

Dr. Yahong Zheng (China), Ms. Han Lai (China), Ms. Tingting Jiang (Russia)

Editorial Team

Prof. Miqu Wang (China), Chengdu University of TCM
Prof. Xiangeng Zhang (China), Chengdu University of TCM
Prof. Josef Hummelsberger (Germany), PRAXIS FÜR CHINESISCHE MEDIZIN, Societas Medicinae Sinensis (SMS)
Prof. Weijun Ding (China), Chengdu University of TCM
Prof. Ji Chen (China), Chengdu University of TCM
Prof. Feng Wang (China), West China Hospital 
Prof. Wei Zhang (China), Xiamen TCM Hospital
Prof. Quanyi Xu (China), Southwest Medical University
Prof. Conge Tan (China), Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
Dr. Velia Wortmann (Germany), TCM Praxis Nürnberg
Dr. Lin Cheng Ph.D (USA), University of Iowa
Dr. Baofang Wang, PhD (Singapore)
Dr. Zhiqin Liu, PhD (China), Sichuan Provincial TCM Hospital 
Mr. Simon Roy Christensen, PhD (Denmark), Aarhus University
Dr. Zhenghong Zhou (China), Beijing Haidian Hospital 
Dr. Bo Wen, PhD (China), Capital Medical University Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Yixiang Liu (China),Shanghai University of TCM
Dr. Chuanxiong Li (China),  Second People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province
Dr. Sandra Wong (USA)
Cristina Silva (Portugal )
Heike Wiedemann (Germany)

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