The book Bamai Qigong forwarded by Dr.Ute Engelhardt  is available now!

Features of Bamai Qigong

  1. Detailed philosophic background of Bamai Qigong including the Yin Yang theory and Eight Trigrams;
  2. Chinese Medicine basis on the eight extraordinary channels and important acupoints used in Qigong;
  3. Step by step instruction to practice Ba Duan Jin (八段錦) and demonstrated by Dr. Hui Zhang;
  4. The first reveal of the 8 levels of practising medical Qigong

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These are exactly the concepts that Zhang Hui, a young and very talented TCM-doctor, integrates into his Bamai Qigong in the present book. On the one hand, he combines the eight parts of the Eight Brocades with the Eight and on the other hand, he combines them with the theory of the eight extraordinary channels, that play an important role in acupuncture and theory of Chinese medicine as well as in the Inner Alchemy. For this reason, he changed the common sequence of the Eight Brocades and also modified the movements partly. It is a very interesting attempt to alter and reinvent an established and popular Qigong method in the light of Daoism and Chinese Medicine. Moreover, it serves as a practical handbook for learning Qigong.

Dr. Ute Engelhardt