EA on RN23 regulates the swallowing by activating the interneuron in VLM


A research team from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine detected the effect of electro-acupuncture (EA) at Lianquan (CV23) on swallowing and swallowing-related(SR) interneuron in ventrolateral medulla (VLM ). Their findings suggested that EA could regulate the swallowing function via activating the SR interneurons in VLM under the physiological condition​(Ye et al. 2019)​ .

Original Abstract

Ventrolateral medulla(VLM) was one of the essential part of central pattern generator(CPG) in swallowing and electro-acupuncture(EA) was an important intervention in swallowing disorder. But the effect and mechanism of EA at acupoints on swallowing were unknown. The present aim to detect the effect of EA at Lianquan (CV23) on swallowing and swallowing-related(SR) interneuron in VLM. Thirty-six Sprague-Dawley rats were operated and the swallowing reflex was induced through Double distilled water (DDW) infusion. Simultaneously, the numbers of swallowing were recorded. Then EA was given at Lianquan and Neiguan (PC6) and the neuron discharges in VLM were detected. A total of 72 neurons were recorded, 60 of which were correctly recorded after histology identification. Two types of SR neurons were found and the numbers of swallowing increased after EA at CV23 and PC6 compared with no EA group. The neuron response rates were 78.3% and 50% for EA at CV23 and PC6 respectively with significant difference (P < 0.05). Meanwhile, the neuron spike patterns were changed after EA at CV23 and PC6. In addition, twenty-four rats were used for immunofluorescence after EA at CV23 and PC6. The results showed that c-fos positive cells in CV23 group were 20.63±2.35, while PC6 group was 14.13±1.78 and 6.88±1.42 in control group. There were significant difference between them (P < 0.05). These results indicated that EA could regulate the swallowing function via activating the SR interneurons in VLM under the physiological condition.

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