According to the newest report on European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (六味地黄丸), a commonly used herbal formula (pill) including 6 herbs, may be useful for the treatment of osteoporosis. The research team from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine screened the active ingredients of the pill from the Network pharmacology platform of traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides, they used targets prediction databases to predict the targets of the active ingredients. Osteoporosis-related targets were identified from databases of the disease. Target interaction networks were constructed, and analyzed by gene enrichment. Finally, the SystemsDOCK and POCASA was used to validate the affinity between the target and the active substance. By analyzing, they found out that multiple molecular mechanism were involved, such as the regulation of proliferation and apoptosis signaling pathways, improvement of bone microenvironment, and regulation of hormone and enzyme activities. Additionally, the identification of some key target genes and active substances supported these results.


Feng P, Che Y, Chen DQ. Molecular mechanism of action of Liuwei Dihuang pill for the treatment of osteoporosis based on network pharmacology and molecular docking. Eur J Integrat Med, 2019, Nov 13, In Press