Who is Heyttu?

Heyttu is a Denmark based publishing and consultation  service company.

Heyttu is a Denmark based publishing and consultation  service company.
Heyttu-He Tu (Yellow River Map)

Heyttu originates from the pronunciation of He Tu (河图) in Chinese language. He Tu is translated as Yellow River Map in English. He Tu, in combination with Luo Shu (洛书), are the origin of Chinese philosophy. The latter known figure of Taichi is regard as a derivative of He Tu. 

Heyttu serve professional support on publishing journals, magazines, books, conference proceedings, and so on. 

Service Before Publishing (SBP) with Heyttu

  1. Applying ISSN and ISBN numbers 
  2. Establishing online platforms incl. domain, hosting, submission management system
  3. Translation and editing
  4. Academic reviewing and evaluation
  5. Research resources in China

Service After Publishing (SAP) with Heyttu

  1. Marketing
  2. Archiving/Indexing
  3. Online-shop

Consultation with Heyttu

Study travel in China (Chinese Medicine internship)
Treatment travel in official Chinese hospitals esp. for integrative/complimentary treatment
Study travel in Europe (Denmark, Germany, UK, Norway) (summer campus)
Business travel in China 
Business travel in Denmark
Culture exchange between China and Denmark
Find research resources in China/Denmark, e.g. universities, institutes, patients organizations

We hold good relationship with The University of Iowa (USA), European Tea Society, Aarhus University (Denmark), Danish Acupuncture Association (PA) (Denmark), Aarhus Chinese Culture Association (ACCA) (Denmark), Danish Tea Association (Denmark), SMS (Germany), Chengdu University of TCM (China), Nanjin University of TCM(China), Zhejiang University of TCM(China), Sichuan Provincial Hospital(China), Sichuan University(China), Peking University(China), etc.

Contact: post@heyttu.com